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Summer is almost over. The school calendar shows one more week before everything begins anew. I am trying to hang onto the summer feeling for a few more moments.
Above are double exposure images.

We saw the Shaun the Sheep movie over the weekend. There were 7 sets of parents with kids in the theater. The kids laughed throughout the entire movie (not just the fart jokes).
My thoughts were—Why isn’t this a more popular movie here in the U.S.? The kids that see the movie obviously enjoy it.
Why is this movie rated PG? There is no dialogue and no one dies.
The movie is actually very very sweet.

Ferragamo and I

We seem to be on the same page. I had been exhausted by seeing their shoes with bows on them ( great design from the 1970;s) and yet very little else. In the past Ferragamo had been known for amazing cutting edge shoe designs!
I am so excited by these new designs.

Here is my link to my original post with my original artwork

Style Icon


I have been admiring Linda Rodin”s style— I do hope that “when I grow up” I will be as stylish.

She is 67 and doesn’t dress in the dumpy/frumpy manner that I so often see in women over 60 years of age. Her clothing reflects an inner confidence.

I also love her long hair, great collection of sunglasses, and adorable pet too!

I will take a short summer break and be back to posting on Aug 9th.
Take care!