It’s Summer! I love the colors that Mother Earth offers during this season. One can barely keep up with her so I decided to take a different approach. The animation includes an adorable straw tote for my umbrella and sunblock. Summer means that one must be prepared for plenty of sunshine followed by a brief thunderstorm followed by more sunshine.

And if you know what to do about pet hair………. Help!

Clothing, shoes, and bag ——H & M
Sunglasses—- Ray Ban

Paperdoll- White Dresses


I am hunting for a white dress to wear this summer. It seems like the thing to do. I would like to find one that shows my shoulders— I like my shoulders. Is that a thing?

The active visual features a blue (smurf hued) paper doll. It was the only hue I liked for the paper doll that worked with the photo that I took. I’ve always liked that adorable house in the photo. It has the cutest door!

Elizabeth and James
Elizabeth and James
3.1 Phillip Lim



Vacationers have arrived

The vacationers have arrived again. They are always smiling—I love that about them. Some visit to attend Spring Training games while others are here to hang out at the beach. The beach attendees are very brave—they swim in the very cold ocean. I insist on a bathwater temperature ocean before venturing forth.

Lucas Hugh
Vitamin A –Sailed Stripe
Luli Fama– Crochet
Mara Hoffman