Paper Dolls-Clean Slate


It’s the beginning of the new year. I am wearing all cream hued clothes today—seems the thing to do after my holiday indulgences.

I don’t happen to own the Ray-ban sunglasses. How long have they made these colorful lenses? They would be great for this time of year.

pants and sweater-Theory
sunglasses-Ray Ban

Paperdolls-NYE 2014


I am going to spend New Years Eve with friends and my honey at a friend’s home. I prefer not to worry about traveling after midnight with inebriated people on the road.

The problem with getting dressed for a NYE party at my friend’s house becomes an issue of shoes.
No one (including me) wears shoes indoors. Maybe it’s the sand, maybe it’s because everyone is from somewhere else— but, we just don’t wear shoes inside the house. We leave our shoes by the door. Getting dressed up becomes a problem or very simple depending on how you look at it——I always wear flip flops. It’s a pity.

Have a safe ending to your 2014!!!

earrings abs allen schwartz
sandals zanotti sparkling
dress all saints
bracelet alexis bittar