Ferragamo Shoes


I was skimming (looking at the photos) in my history of shoes book. I love that book.
The photos that repeatedly gave me pause were designs by Ferragamo. A few of his cutting edge designs are featured in the active visual above. I love these designs.

Even though I don’t own any Ferragamo shoes (yet) I realized that i would like to add them to my collection but I can’t. Not for reasons of quality—Ferragamo shoes are incredibly well made.
But because now Ferragamo focuses almost solely on variations of the classic bow shoe and I am simultaneously too old and too young to wear a bow on my shoe. Even if I were younger or older a bow on my shoe isn’t for me —but I really love Ferragamo’s older designs.

I do wish that they would keep the classic bow and maybe add a design once or twice a year that is innovative again.